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太阳会常常被云彩遮挡而无法看见,尽管如此 ,只要仰望天空,肯定会有太阳从云彩的空隙中放出光芒的时候到来!


鱼缸马桶!The Aquarium Toilet!



加州本土AquaOne设计技术公司的市场主管Devon Niccole说:“我们力求将一个产品以恰当的式体现出双重功能价值,具有完整功能的马桶、新颖的观感。”该公司目前已开始卖出这种新型马桶槽。

Devon Niccole表示,公司致力与家用储水装置,已经和一位海生物学家合作开发出新型马桶槽,当马桶冲水时,鱼不会受伤。这种鱼缸马桶槽的鱼缸配有2.2加仑水,便于清洗,适用与绝大多数的马桶,售价299美元(155英镑)。马桶槽本身可装2.5加仑水,以提供足够水压冲洗。

Devon Niccole说:“有人觉得我们疯了,但不少人喜欢我们的产品,父母们使用它来训练孩子上厕所。有件事是肯定的,那就是人们在您家里看到鱼缸马桶后,就会谈起它。”

NEW YORK??- Home renovators looking to bring life to the smallest room in their home now have the chance -- with a toilet that doubles as an aquarium.

The Fish 'n Flush is a clear two-piece toilet tank that replaces a standard toilet tank, with a see-through aquarium wrapping itself around a conventional toilet tank.

"We wanted to develop a product that had a dual purpose - to serve as a proper, fully functional toilet and also as a source of entertainment and conversation," said Devon Niccole, marketing director of California-based designer AquaOne Technologies Inc. which has just started to selling the tank.

He said the company, which specializes in water conservation equipment for home appliance, had worked with a marine biologist to design a tank that ensured the fish were not harmed when the toilet was flushed.

The aquarium toilet tank, which sells for US$299 (155 pounds), fits most toilets with the 2.2-gallon aquarium piece able to be easily removed for cleaning. The toilet tank itself holds 2.5 gallons which gives sufficient pressure for flushing.

"Some people think we're nuts but other just love it and parents are using it to help their children with potty training. One thing you can guarantee is that people will be talking about it after seeing it in your home," said Niccole.

1.You could always straddle and face backwards.

2.This is just another stupid commercial idea just like Beta bowls and fish in a purse. Fish are extremely sensitive to noise. And the sound of a flushing toilet would eventually stress them to death.

3.This is just nasty.. The bathroom is full of germs. When you flush there is a fine mist spray of toilet water and germs. There's no way this is healthy for the fish. Whoever thought this up is an idiot and lives in a fantasy world. The bathroom is a very unsanitary place no matter how hard you try to keep it clean.

First, I will not spend 299 U.S. dollars to buy toilet sink, unless i am crazy. Second, if someone really wanted to own it, it must be fixed in the living room for enjoying...


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